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For more information about Rentals of the Rozsa performance hall or Lobby, please call Kari Price, Rentals Coordinator:
Phone: 906-487-2390

Rental Information


Performance Hall

James and Margaret Black Performance Hall

Facility Description
The James and Margaret Black Performance Hall is a state-of-the-art facility. From fully staged operas to rock and country shows, the Rozsa Center is more than ready to handle your performance. The hall seats 1101 people at its largest configuration. Smaller performances will be well suited to the 583-seat configuration. In our inaugural season the performance hall received rave reviews from national and international performers, including the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra and the Canadian Brass. Local groups have had record-breaking fundraisers utilizing the performance hall and local talent. Sold-out performances are a regular occurrence at the Rozsa Center.
The Klungness stage in the Black Performance Hall features a trap door and a five-ton, fifty-foot-long moving orchestra pit that can be used for an orchestra, for additional seating, or as an extension of the stage. In concert hall mode, the proscenium part of the Klungness stage unfolds and combines with other hidden walls to form an acoustical shell that requires very little manpower to put up or take down. Concert hall mode greatly increases the natural projection of all sound made on the stage and is appropriate for choral and instrumental performances. In theatrical mode, the shell ceiling and walls disappear to create a proscenium stage that is 32 feet deep (from plaster line to cyc) and 38 feet wide. We have thirty-two counter weight line sets and four touch-screen-controlled electric winches.
Our sound and lighting systems give us the capability to create shows that are technically spectacular. Our lighting system boasts two top-of-the-line lighting consoles, 480 dimmers, and over 400 new lighting instruments, including several intelligent lights. The sound system also has two modes. The first is a distributed system for lectures. The second is a 10,000-watt jazz and rock system, boasting a forty-channel soundboard at the house mix position, and another forty-channel board in the control room.


Samuel and Grace Horner Lobby

Facility Description
The Rozsa Center’s elegant Samuel and Grace Horner Lobby is one of the largest formal spaces in the Keweenaw area and can accommodate more than
200 people seated comfortably at tables or 500 people for stand-up receptions.
Our air-conditioned and easily accessible lobby is a great spot for special dinners, wedding receptions, company Christmas parties, retirement celebrations, or other special events. The beautiful Rozsa garden adds to the ambience during the summer months.

Choral Rehearsal Room       

Facility Description

The Choral Rehearsal Room is an ideal place for meetings of 50–100 people. It is a comfortable setting with all the advantages of a multi-media classroom. This air-conditioned room features a movie projection system for VHS and DVD, as well as a surround sound system. PowerPoint presentations are regularly presented here as well.
The Choral Rehearsal Room can accommodate sit-down dinners for up to 40 people. CATERING for choral events is provided by Michigan Tech Dining Services (487-2277).
The Choral Rehearsal Room is acoustically designed to maximize sound quality, making it an excellent choice for rehearsals of all kinds and an ideal choice for recitals. A grand piano is available in the room.